Life Cycle + Recycling Guide

Custom-made specifically for booni doon, our acid-etched glass containers and bamboo lids are made of highly sustainable materials. See below for information on the materials used in our product packaging and how to properly dispose of them. 


Most large cities accept glass in their curbside recycling programs, but please check with your local recycling center. Unfortunately, due to the costs of transportation, risks of breakage, and low commodity value, some smaller communities may not accept glass in their curbside recycling programs.


Our bamboo lids are custom-carved for booni doon. By omitting the conventional plastic liner, our bamboo lids have a lower carbon footprint, but may expand and contract due to the ambient temperature and humidity. We recommend storing your CALM jar in a dry, cool place. If that is not possible, rub a tiny amount of olive oil on the grooves of the lid to help with any wood contraction. Please ensure the oil does not come into contact with the CALM cleansing capsules.

For zero waste, we recommend composting your lid. Please note that the bamboo lid may take a few months to some years to biodegrade, since the decomposition rate of bamboo is contingent upon several factors including soil, temperature and atmospheric conditions. To speed up the composting process, please (carefully!) break the bamboo lid into small pieces with a hammer or saw prior to composting.