Since starting booni doon, we've heard how being low waste or zero waste is 'unattainable'. While being zero waste may not be feasible for everyone, every little bit does help! Our interview series profiling members of our community shows sustainability can be incorporated in smaller ways and that it is fine to be #ImperfectlySustainable.

How Are You Imperfectly Sustainable?


My advice to others looking to be more sustainable/minimal in their skincare or beauty routine is to not undervalue your efforts and baby steps because one of the biggest obstacles we face is stepping off the starting line!

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When I first started reading about how to adapt my lifestyle choices it was daunting and felt like a lot of work to do more research and be knowledgeable. I found myself going back to old habits out of convenience which was a big hurdle to jump over.

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As a new mom, this is a huge challenge. The convenient options are definitely not always the sustainable options, so I focus on adopting habits that I know I'm going to stick with. I get a ton of baby items secondhand from our community.

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