A Note From Our Founder

Pooja Ganesan


Inspired by climate change activism happening around the world, I began researching ways to minimize my environmental footprint. What I thought would be simple swaps in my everyday life, became a nightmare when it came to my personal care products. I was frustrated with the 'green washing' that happens all too frequently in the skincare industry. How could my self-care routine be so harmful to the environment?

I'm thankful my search led me down this path to create booni doon. From our sustainably-sourced ingredients to our zero-plastic product containers and packaging, booni doon is what I sought: effective, zero waste skincare products that don't harm the earth or our oceans. I'm excited to prove that you don't need to compromise on self-care when choosing to be more sustainable and am so thankful to have you on this journey with me.

Pooja's Signature