IN BOLD PRINT. Planet Impact Scorecard for CALM Cleansing Capsules

We have partnered with IN BOLD PRINT. to measure the sustainability of our products and give you full transparency. Our CALM Cleansing Capsules scored 8.9 out of 10, making it one of the market leaders for sustainable products! Why? Read on.

Image of booni doon's CALM Planet Impact Scorecard from In Bold Print.

The packaging for this product is a refillable model, which reduces the impact on both sides of the lifecycle (sourcing & manufacturing as well as waste) and contributes to a circular economy. If the packaging is not reused, both components are also recyclable, and the bamboo lid can even be composted, which reduces overall lifecycle carbon emissions. To decrease this packaging's negative impact to the environment, it can be made of more recycled content. This would decrease the resources used in the sourcing and manufacturing lifecycle stage, and it avoids more materials going to a landfill by incentivizing reuse.

All of the main ingredients for this product are made from renewable sources, which means they can be replenished as we use them and reduces the negative impact on the sourcing and manufacturing stage of this product's lifecycle. Colloidal Oat Flour, the #1 ingredient, is also sourced in the United States. This reduces the distance traveled, which lowers the transport-related carbon emissions. As a next step, this ingredient supplier can provide certifications showing that the #2 ingredient, Arrowroot Powder, is sustainably-sourced, biodegradable, not harmful to aquatic life when washed down the drains.

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