PLUSH Reusable Facial Rounds


PLUSH is unlike any facial round you have used before! On one side find our GOTS-certified organic cotton muslin for gentle exfoliation, while the other side is certified organic bamboo cotton that is luxuriously soft. Use both sides of our reusable facial rounds to reveal clean skin and a healthy glow.  

Each facial round is a generous 3.5" in diameter. Set of 7 reusable rounds with a cotton mesh bag.

What materials are they made from?

Our reusable facial rounds are made from certified organic bamboo cotton and GOTS-certified organic cotton muslin.

Cotton is a water-intensive, pesticide-emitting crop when grown conventionally. As a result, we sought third-party certified materials to ensure the sustainability of our cotton muslin fabric. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibers, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.

In addition to sourcing GOTS-certified organic cotton muslin, we also use a luxe organic bamboo cotton material, since bamboo is a sustainable material that grows rapidly without the use of pesticides and requires much less water than cotton.

Why make the switch to reusable rounds?

Our reusable facial rounds are environmentally friendly and economically smart. When you switch to reusable facial rounds, not only do you protect our planet, but you'll also save money.


Use on your face, neck, and around your eyes with your favorite makeup remover, cleanser, toner, or essence.

Our favorite way to use PLUSH?

Our PLUSH reusable rounds have one side that is slightly textured for light exfoliation and helping remove heavier make-up, while the other side is very soft brushed bamboo-cotton and perfect for applying micellar water and/or cleansing oil. It's the perfect tool for our double-cleansing routine!

After use, hand wash or place reusable rounds in accompanying mesh bag for machine washing with your delicates on the gentle cycle. We recommend taking the rounds out of the mesh bag after washing and hanging them to air dry. 

Please note reusable rounds may lose their shape if put in the dryer. 

Custom-made specifically for booni doon, our reusable facial rounds and cotton mesh bag are made of highly sustainable materials. See below for information on the materials used in our product packaging and how to properly dispose of them.

Compost the Reusable Facial Rounds

We're proud to develop our reusable rounds to be used for up to 500 washes! Each round is consists of 100% natural materials - a side of organic muslin and another side of bamboo-cotton terry. We worked to include 0% synthetic material, including sourcing paper interfacing for the inner liner. After the rounds are no longer usable, we recommend composting. Please check with your local composting authority to ensure it is accepted. 

Compost the Cotton Mesh Bag

We recommend reusing your cotton mesh bag as much as possible to prolong it's useful life. Some ways we love to give our mesh bags another purpose is as a laundry bag for delicates or even a travel bag for smaller items and jewelry. After it is no longer able to be used, the bag is comprised of 100% cotton, so we recommend composting. Please check with your local composting authority to ensure it is accepted. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sarah Olson

Absolutely love my Booni facial rounds! I was using single-use cotton rounds before and I have been looking to make the switch to reusable pads. I am so happy that I found these! They are amazing and leave your skin SO soft!! Absolutely recommend!!

Malcolm Badding

My favorite thing about the reusable pads is the amount of space I get back in my vanity from wasteful disposable cotton pads!! I live in a tiny space so small reusable and sustainable products are super important to me, and these pads are the best ones I've tried! Love my booni