#ImperfectlySustainable with @green_beauty_guide

Meet Maggie of @green_beauty_guide! She’s an international trade lawyer from Washington D.C. by day and a beauty blogger by night! (And she’s also an amazing mom and small business advocate!) We’re so happy to be sharing her passion for sustainability with all of you! 

Please tell us more about yourself.

I'm an international trade lawyer by day and a beauty blogger by night! I try to focus on the intersection of these two areas: sustainable supply chains and sourcing. This is a big issue in natural skincare and I love using my professional experience to inform my passion for sustainability.

What is the focus of your Instagram account?

I focus on skincare brands in the 'green' or 'natural' space, with an emphasis on small, women-owned businesses and sustainability.

Why do you feel it's so important to advocate for small businesses?

I love feeling a connection to the people behind the brands that I use. I know that a dollar spent with a small business will impact my community so much more than a large retailer, and that makes me feel really good at the end of the day.

What are your beauty and skincare essentials?

Always a few cleansers on rotation, a Vitamin C and SPF for daytime, and a lightweight moisturizer for night. I will sometimes throw in a mask when I need some extra pampering, but I usually keep it pretty simple.

Where is your favorite place to reconnect with yourself and nature?

I have pretty antsy feet so I love taking walks throughout the day. While a hike in the woods might seem like peak nature time, I absolutely love walking around my neighborhood and admiring my neighbors' gardens. A 15 minute stroll with no phone or music is all I need for a mental refresh.

What is your favorite quote?

Eye on the prize, hand on the plow.

This reminds me that the only way I'm going to achieve my goals is to keep working at them.

Where is your favorite place to travel to?

Too many to count. I've been lucky to go to some very random places for work, and I'm dreaming of the days when travel is safe again. For now, it's wherever in our apartment I've hidden some chocolate!

How do you try to incorporate sustainability into your account and more broadly your lifestyle?

As a new mom, this is a huge challenge. The convenient options are definitely not always the sustainable options, so I focus on adopting habits that I know I'm going to stick with. I get a ton of baby items secondhand from our community. This saves us money and also encourages us to invest in items that will last so we can pass them on to others.

Any advice, tips or tricks for others looking to be more sustainable or have a minimalist skincare/beauty routine?

So many! Just start with one thing and try to develop it into a habit. Figure out what's going into the trash on a regular basis and see how you can swap it out. Ditch single-use items like face wipes and buy some nice wash clothes that you can use every day.

We also have a list on our fridge of items we try to buy locally (like coffee, fish, and produce). If we can get these pantry staples in a more sustainable way, then I won't stress about going to a regular grocery store for the extras.

Maggie's #ImperfectlySustainable Interview