#ImperfectlySustainable with @jillraebeauty

Meet @jillraebeauty, a freelance make-up artist and content creator seeking cleaner alternatives for her personal care routine. In addition to advocating for cleaner, eco-friendly products, Jillian works to destigmatize matters from mental health to 'imperfect' skin. We hope you enjoy meeting her and learning more about this amazing woman! 

Tell us more about yourself. 

My name is Jillian. I live in Michigan with my amazing husband, Ryan, and we have a 7 month old pup named Mango.

What is the focus of your Instagram account?

My account focuses on the realistic and totally normal ups and downs of trying and finding the best beauty products, particularly ones that are nontoxic.

What inspired you to start?

I originally started my account to showcase my work as a freelance makeup artist. But when I stopped doing that I transitioned it to sharing about my journey to find safer, cleaner, more eco friendly beauty products that actually worked for me. I have always struggled with acne and tried so many conventional products and prescriptions that just didn’t work for me. So I started slow swapping out products as I needed something new.

What have been some challenges with trying to lead a 'cleaner' life?

I struggle to find products that work for my skin type, my preferences, etc. and what works for me may not for someone else. So I like to share my real experiences as I interact with various products to help others make the best decision they can for themselves.

Jillian's #ImperfectlySustainable Interview